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The Russell 2000 Strategy takes advantage of momentum during the opening of the US Stock Market. Because of the high volume and liquidity entering the market, the R2S is designed to operate quick and precise. This means that the time it takes, to execute and close a trade, is about 30 seconds.


You can let the strategy run in the background and focus on your own trading, you can choose to watch the strategy launch the trade in the market, or you go on with your day and get the notifications about the trade on your phone via the app. You even have the option to move the stop loss and take profit manually, but we highly recommend you don't interact with the strategy to get the best performance. 


Risk Management

One of the reasons why the Russell 2000 Strategy is successful, is because of the data driven risk management. A win is 2.4x bigger than a loss. The strategy cuts the losses quick and has a consistent higher win/loss ratio, proven over the years.


The strategy comes with an inbuild auto breakeven and trailing stop function to maximize the profits. This way a winning trade will never end up in a losing trade. There are no major drawdowns, which makes using the strategy exciting and reliable. 


The example below shows the strategies performance over 200 days based on 1 contract. You can increase contracts depending on your account balance. To trade with 1 contract, we advise our customers to have a minimum of $900 in their trading account.

1 contract on the Russell Futures Market = $500 USD

1 win on 1 contract = $110 USD

1 loss on 1 contract = $45 USD

Screenshot 2024-06-02 072856.jpg

Risk-Reward Ratio

Below you see a clear summary of the strategies performance over 200 days based on 1 contract. The complexity of the strategies makes the risk-reward and the profitability attractive. The strategy takes a trade every day of the week. 


On the trading platform NinjaTrader you can check the strategies performance at any time. This makes it easy and accessible to monitor the strategies performance yourself.

* The net profit is excluding fees. Find out more about fees here.

* Past trade performance is no indication for future trade performance

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